The Center of Inborn Pathologies (CIP) headed by the professor, PhD Natalia Belova, was created based on private clinic, aiming to help children with rare and complex inborn pathologies.

CIP organizes unique Multidisciplinary Consulting to establish definite diagnosis, to provide sampling for complex analyses, and to organize social adaptation rehabilitation programs.

RCMI Board took a decision to support CIP and organize annual fund-rising events to collect money for special equipment making it possible for sick children to move independently.

We are waiting for help

During the years 2007 - 2015 the Center of Inborn Pathologies provided:

To more than 600 children with severe development disorder a unique medical assistance and individual rehabilitation programs.

380 families having children with osteogenesis imperfecta, got psychological counselling, legal assistance, were included in social adaptation programs and drastically improved their lifestyle.

More than 50% of children addressing first-time the Center gained an ability to move independently.

42 children started going to school together with healthy children. Their families gained a new full-value life.

Only 30 children per month can stay in day-and-night clinic for examination, analyses and multidisciplinary consulting. Usually more than 20 children are waiting for more than 10 weeks for being accepted by the day-and night clinic of the Center to pass necessary examinations and consulting. Multidisciplinary international consulting can be arranged for not more than 2 children per week.

In average 25 000 EUR per year shall be spent by the family of the sick child for examination and rehabilitation, not counting expensive drugs and surgery. A set of special equipment for 1 child costs at least 600 000 Rubles. Multidisciplinary consulting of Russian doctors costs 15-30.000 Rubles, even though many doctors are not charging for their service.

Children Jannet Arseny Nikita Daniel Stepan Stepan Tamara Ainur Ainur

18th October, 2018 - Charity evening fund raising for RestartU project

Dear Friends,

We are happy to report that the financial result of the charity gala-evening, which took place on 18th October, 2018 at the Residence of the Ambassador of Austria for Russian Federation H.E. Doctor Johannes Eigner under his patronage could provide 3 children with tailor made medical equipment.

Thanks to the contribution of our Sponsors on the entertainment and food, Charity payments, which we gained from Entry tickets, Lottery and Auction will be sending to equipment’ payment.

We appreciate greatly investment of time and good will of our Sponsors and guests which favor the well-wishing and unforgettable atmosphere at our charity evenings.

Please see photos in our gallery

Gala Charity evening in honour of the project RestartU in the residence and under the patronage of his excellency the Ambassador of Austria Dr. Johannes Eigner.

Progress report

We are pleased to inform our sponsors, guest and friends about a great achievement and international success of the fund-raising which was held on 22nd of June, 2016 with a gala-evening at the Residence of the Ambassador H.E. Dr. E.Brix under his wife Mrs. Elizabeth Brix patronage. By virtue as our united strength – charitable contribution from gala-evening with entry tickets, Lottery, charity Auction – with Slava Gayun’ donation painting, charitable contribution of Italian district 2072, charitable contribution of Italian Rotary clubs - "RC Bologna" и "RC Cortona" and charitable contribution of Russian district 2220 we managed to organize a Global Grant with the Rotary Foundation Global and gained a record amount of total contribution to our RestartU project – $53000.

We would like to express our great thanks to Mr. Leonardo de Angelis – past President of RCMI, currently based in Ravenna (Italy) – for bringing us an opportunity to present our RestartU project at annually Multi Club workshop, on 2016 at St.-Petersburg.** Thanks to his initiative we are able to attract an international interest and funds for RestartU project from different Rotary clubs, this time - from Italy.

We are happy to announce that 15 children (12-14 years old) from different regions of Russia have got 17 different “tailor made” medical equipment, like invalid chairs «Panther», walkers, lifters.

Dear Sponsors, Friends, Rotarians, Thank you very much for your trust, open hearts and great contribution to our RestartU project with high level of social responsibility!


** You can find more information about Multi Club workshop here:

Residence of the Ambassador of Austria for Russian Federation Doctor E.Brix Charity evening for RestartU project.

Success Report

We are happy to announce, that our 1st fund raising event in the Residence of the Danish Ambassador Mr. Thomas Winkler on 25th of June 2015 for RestartU project permitted us to buy special, tailor made medical equipment for 5 children from different Russian cities with total value 866021 RUR.

Shpady Ksenia - г. Воронеж
active chair Bambino Panthera (179.118-00 RUR)
Crocodile #2 (81.775-00 RUR)
Shaydurova Katerina - Приморский край, г. Кунгур
active chair Panthera S2 short (222.497-00 RUR)
Aleksanova Anna - Москва, adopted
Crocodile #1 (96.844-00 RUR)
Koterev Danila - МО, г. Чехов
Mustang/Bronco #1 (113.515-00 RUR)
Dashieva Margarita - Казань, adopted
active chair Bambino (172.272-00 RUR)

Timing and Project management:

25/06/15–AugustCharity evening and money collection from sponsors

September 2015every child “measuring” for tailor made equipment

October-November 2015terms and conditions matching, incl. legal aspects (R82, RCMI, GMS)

November 2015100% Prepayment for 6 pieces of medical equipment

December 2015-January 2016Medical equipment delivering, fitting and assignation


On June 25 2015, the Rotary Club Moscow International organized its first fundraising for the project RestartU in support of the invalid children of the “Center for Congenital Disorders" managed by Prof. Natalia Belova. This charity evening was held in the Residence of H.E. Thomas Winkler, Ambassador of Denmark in the R.F., and under his personal patronage.

The funds raised from personal and corporate donations, together with the sponsorship of Danish and Russian companies, will enable to purchase 3 tailor made wheelchairs for invalid children; besides, the company R82 offered a set of special verticalization equipment. The company Lego donated several constructor boxes for children aged from 6 to 15.

The evening was full of charm and surprises offered by the organizers, with the participation of the Bolshoy Theatre corps de ballet and of the Kremlin Orchestra (Director: Yuri Bashmet). The charity lottery and auction were successfully held by famous stars Tatiana Lazareva and Michail Shatz under the applause of the public. Both Tatiana and Michail also support personally the Center for Congenital Disorders managed by Natalia Belova.



Bazarova Jannet

needs a «Panther» wheelchair

Semergyanan Stepan

needs the «mustang» Walkers

Shaposhnikov Arseny

needs «Crocodile» walkers

Pyenkov Nikita

needs a “Panther «Bambino» wheelchair

Legkodymov Daniel

needs a «Panther» wheelchair

Mustafaeva Ainur

needs a «Panther» wheelchair

Novikova Tamara

needs a «Panther» wheelchair