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  • Vpered (Khimki Newspaper) from April 20, 2002

    Computer class was born In the boarding-school of Skhodnya last week came an American and Japanese delegation, which has donated to the school 12 computers. Duma deputy Mr. Shakkum has helped to create friendship between the international club “Rotary” and the school. Present at the ceremony were deputy head of the Khimki rayon T.D. Kalshnikova and the chief of the education dept. A.I. Gusenkov. Guests were treated with pirogi and children have shown a special theatre performance for the guests. The director of the school warmly thanked the guests for the valuable gifts. The friendship between the school and the “Rotary” Club will be continued.

  • Khimki News from April 18, 2002

    From Internat to Internet (Internat means in Russian boarding-school) Super, terrific – this was the first reaction of the children of the Skhodnya boarding school when they for the first time entered the computer class. At first they were rumors that the computers will be 4, then 6 and then 8. Nobody expected, that the Moscow International Rotary Club will donate to the boarding-school 12 computers! We will pay the access to the internet and also a computer teacher. We hope that the children in Skhodnya will have the chance to learn good professions as engineer or medical doctor and this is not possible without computer knowledge today, said the vice-president of the Rotary Club Josef Marous. But this is not the end of our help, we will also help with the sport equipment for the children. The help is very touching, because in our boarding-school are living many orphans and social orphans (children which have parents, but better not to be with them) – tells the director of the school Svetlana Bortnikova. We thank very much directors of the Japanese National Bank (mean JBIC), the Mitsui company and all the members of Rotary Club and we are happy to see them as our quests. As quests came the business elite from USA, Japan, France, Italy, Spain and Germany. The children prepared for them a concert and when at the end of the concert the children were singing: cigarettes – no, computers – yes, the quests applauded warmly. The American came in white clothes, the Japanese in black. But no matter which differences in culture and traditions of the members of the Rotary Club exists, this does not prevent them to unite, make good deed and help the children.

  • The Moscow German Newspaper, No 8, April 2002

    Discovering the Enter-Key Rotary Club donates boarding-school 12 computers Many graduates from boarding schools are unemployed. One of the reasons is the education, which does not take into account the needs of modern job market. In order to prepare the children better for the job market, the Rotary Club has donated to one boarding school in the Moscow region 12 computers. In the computer class of the boarding school in Skhodnya, 12 km north of the Moscow highway ring, the children can surf in the internet or learn to work with the computer. Rotary Club Moscow International has donated to the school 12 computers and will pay the cost of internet access and a computer teacher. Most of the 210 children are coming from problem families, the parents are drinking and can not care for the children and others are orphans.

  • Diplomat, April 2002

    Rotary Club Holds a Charity Evening Rotarians, whatever country they may be active in, have always been noted for their willingness to help society and relieve those whose lot in this life is hard. That – beside a special spirit of brotherhood characteristic of all Rotarians – could have made for their growing popularity. Launched onto the scene at the beginning of the last century in the USA, at present, Rotary Clubs number over 1,2 million members in 160 countries. As Carlo Natale, President of Rotary club Moscow International told to the correspondent, the members of the club are diplomats, businessmen, scholars coming from variety of countries, Russia included. Within a comparatively short time of its existence, the Rotary Club has managed to carry out a number of specific charity projects. And as president elect of Rotary Club Moscow International Josef Marous says, the Rotarians have also taken under their wing a number of talented Russians students from poor families, providing special scholarships for each of them. They are helping an orphanage for homeless children as well as Moscow’s boarding school No 61, where part of the children are orphans. Those very children have been the main performers in a charity concert arranged by the Rotary Club in the residence of German Ambassador Ernst-Joerg von Studnitz, who was given the title of the Club’s honorary member for his merits in charitable activity

  • The Moscow German Newspaper No 3, February 2002

    On time for the 97 anniversary of Rotary, the Rotary Club Moscow International start a series of Charity concerts. Different diplomatic missions in Moscow are supporting this charity program. For the first concert the German Ambassador and his wife invited prestigious sponsors to the residence. Proceeds will be used to support needy children in one of Moscow music schools. Service About Self – describes Josef Marous the objective of the 1,2 millions Rotarians. He and the President Carlo Natale were charter members of the only English speaking club in Russia, which has as members 30 leaders in different professions. There are four more German speaking members such as the vice-secretary Raban von Studnitz, Manager at the Fela Planungs AG or the Preussag Chief in Russia Tiberius Braun. The Rotary Club Moscow International supports different social projects, tells the General Consul of Switzerland Alain Burdet. As chairman of the community service committee he is responsible for the charity projects of the RCMI, for example the support of orphans leaving orphanages through social workers, supply of computers and sewing machines to a girl prison in Ryasan and supplying computers to schools and orphanages. Volker Undorf, the chairman of the WestLB Vostok and chairman of the fundraising committee is looking for new sponsors to help finance some of the RCMI projects.

  • The Moscow German Newspaper No 4, February 2002

    Scholars give charity concert for Rotary Club The 44 meeting of the Rotary Club Moscow International was unusual not only because of the short time. The international business community has gathered this time at the residence of the German Ambassador. He has together with his wife invited to his charity concert with the children of a Moscow musical school. It is important to help, says the Ambassador, which was accepted this evening as honorary member of the Rotary Club Moscow International for his outstanding long term humanitarian involvement. Gratifying is also the interest of Russian companies to sponsor our events, says the vice-president of RCMI Josef Marous and points to sponsors Vneshekonombank, Rossbank, Inna-Tours and Itera. Also the member of the board of RAO EES and former minister of economy Jacob Urinson confirmed through his presence, that the humanitarian ideas are gaining the Russian business world. The international companies Metro, Volkswagen, West LB, Preussag, Shell, Hella, DaimlerChrysler, Adidas, Japan Airlines, Sapporo restaurant, Kanebo and Ricoh also confirmed their support for the Rotary aid activities.