Khimki News from April 18, 2002

From Internat to Internet (Internat means in Russian boarding-school) Super, terrific – this was the first reaction of the children of the Skhodnya boarding school when they for the first time entered the computer class. At first they were rumors that the computers will be 4, then 6 and then 8. Nobody expected, that the Moscow International Rotary Club will donate to the boarding-school 12 computers! We will pay the access to the internet and also a computer teacher. We hope that the children in Skhodnya will have the chance to learn good professions as engineer or medical doctor and this is not possible without computer knowledge today, said the vice-president of the Rotary Club Josef Marous. But this is not the end of our help, we will also help with the sport equipment for the children. The help is very touching, because in our boarding-school are living many orphans and social orphans (children which have parents, but better not to be with them) – tells the director of the school Svetlana Bortnikova. We thank very much directors of the Japanese National Bank (mean JBIC), the Mitsui company and all the members of Rotary Club and we are happy to see them as our quests. As quests came the business elite from USA, Japan, France, Italy, Spain and Germany. The children prepared for them a concert and when at the end of the concert the children were singing: cigarettes – no, computers – yes, the quests applauded warmly. The American came in white clothes, the Japanese in black. But no matter which differences in culture and traditions of the members of the Rotary Club exists, this does not prevent them to unite, make good deed and help the children.