Diplomat, April 2002

Rotary Club Holds a Charity Evening Rotarians, whatever country they may be active in, have always been noted for their willingness to help society and relieve those whose lot in this life is hard. That – beside a special spirit of brotherhood characteristic of all Rotarians – could have made for their growing popularity. Launched onto the scene at the beginning of the last century in the USA, at present, Rotary Clubs number over 1,2 million members in 160 countries. As Carlo Natale, President of Rotary club Moscow International told to the correspondent, the members of the club are diplomats, businessmen, scholars coming from variety of countries, Russia included. Within a comparatively short time of its existence, the Rotary Club has managed to carry out a number of specific charity projects. And as president elect of Rotary Club Moscow International Josef Marous says, the Rotarians have also taken under their wing a number of talented Russians students from poor families, providing special scholarships for each of them. They are helping an orphanage for homeless children as well as Moscow’s boarding school No 61, where part of the children are orphans. Those very children have been the main performers in a charity concert arranged by the Rotary Club in the residence of German Ambassador Ernst-Joerg von Studnitz, who was given the title of the Club’s honorary member for his merits in charitable activity